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Class of 2020 Signings

By Staff, 04/13/20, 12:00PM PDT


It is with great pleasure and pride that Breakers Academy announces the first round of collegiate signings in the Class of 2020. 

Getting the chance to participate and compete in sports is a privilege earned by a small minority of college students. These young men earned their opportunities by putting in the work on the field, in the classroom and during their off time.

Over the last decade we have watched as these four homegrown players rose from the short fields, learning and improving year-to-year and day-to-day.

Since our inception, Breakers Academy has aspired to provide a professional training environment for our players to develop and grow. 

We don’t just train excellent soccer players. 

We develop excellent teammates, leaders and community members.

Now, before we wave them off to college, let’s celebrate four young men getting the chance to play on!

Mason Escalante - Wheaton College

Keeper Mason Escalante has committed to play for Wheaton College next season in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin after setting up shop between the posts for Breakers Academy since 2009. 

Known by teammates and opponents alike for his mental toughness, Escalante credits his stopping skills development to longtime coaches Matt Biggam and Johnny Olaya. 

With explosive lateral quickness and eyes that see the field like a hawk, this is a young keeper to keep tabs on.

The best goalies have no short term memory, they shed off wins and losses alike in their quest to stay even and centered. Luckily the memory of winning the 2012 NorCal State Cup Final is etched in Escalante’s young mind forever, or at least until he wins a few more championships. 

We have all seen the flash, now comes the thunder!!! Way to go Mason!

Nico Smith - UC Davis

Nico Smith has committed to play for UC Davis in the Big West Conference next season after 10 years in the Breakers Academy system. 

After crushing a joint practice in 2010 Smith earned his admission into the Academy, demonstrating his leadership ability with outstanding effort and dedication. Once a member of Breakers FC, Smith became an insatiable student. 

Absorbing the teaching of coaches Ramiro Corrales, Simon Tobin and Shane Carew has molded Smith into the perfect mix of ability and effort. This young man is going to be unstoppable! Way to go Nico!!

Connor Dawson - Lafayette College

Left back Connor Dawson has committed to play for Lafayette College in the Patriot League next season after 11 years in the Breakers Academy system. 

When Dawson’s Breakers 01 team won the NorCal State Cup in 2013,  he proved to the outside world what he had already known about himself for years.  

Inside his 5’10” 155 pound frame beats the heart of a champion, and in choosing @lafayette_msoc Dawson feels he is joining a squad with the same rhythm. 

A dedicated student-athlete, with an incredible 4.5 GPA, Dawson heads East equipped with the tools Coach Raul Olvera instilled during their time together. Well done Connor!!

Antonio Hueso-Fernandez - San Jose State University

At 6 foot 158 lbs Antonio Hueso-Fernandez will take to the pitch for San Jose State after steeping with Breakers FC for nine years. 

Known for his mature awareness of the game, Hueso-Fernandez gets better every match, win or lose.

Easy to say, not easy to do but when asked about the most memorable moments of his Breakers Academy career it wasn’t just the wins that stood out. 

It was the way his teammates responded to losses and how proud he was of their ability to bounce back and persevere in the face of adversity.

What a resonant insight in these days of unheralded adversity.

Some players see the game differently, some seem tapped to be leaders.The Spartan faithful just signed  a linchpin they can build around!!

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